My Buddy Bob Writes Role-Playing Games

I've been meaning to plug the excellent RPG work of Robert J. Defendi for, like, EVER. I keep meaning to, and then keep not doing it. I played a demo back in February, and I blogged it, but then I posted an auction and it slipped below the fold. Well, his d20-compatible game "Echoes of Heaven" just got reviewed by Andrew Branstad of RPG Now, and he really liked it. The review is here. Upshot... Bob, who is a Writers of the Future winner, doesn't bother thinking small. The setting and campaigns take the idea of a war in heaven and make it playable, in heaven and on the ground. Branstad gave it four out of five stars. Having played the demo, I recommend it to you. I know, I know... not all of you are looking for an RPG to play.That's fine. Mostly I'd just like to congratulate my friend Bob "Mountain of Love" Defendi on his first staff review -- a glowing one at that. If you ARE looking for something new to play, you can find all Bob's stuff at Final Redoubt Press.