My Email Woes and You

Long story very short... an unknown number of email messages, many sent to me within the last 10 days, never made it to me. They're making it to me now, but if you're in a hurry or have a problem, please don't wait for the triage. See... in order to triage, I have to dump the entire queue into my lap, and there are many, many megabytes of messages. So... if any of you still have problems with book orders, email Sandra (she is sandra.tayler on gmail... you should be able to figure that out, right?) and she'll take care of you. If you have not recieved personal email from me or from Sandra in response to your ordering issue(s), then your message is sitting in the triage pile. Please don't hesitate to email us. In unrelated news, I saw that Bloodrayne has been released on DVD. I am morbidly curious to hear what director Uwe "string of train wrecks" Boll has to say for himself on the commentary track. Fortunately my morbidity is just a passing thing, while my moral sense of "don't allow this piece of digital feces to sully your home" prevents me from actually renting it. And don't you go renting it, either. I've got ants.