New And Interesting Ways To Spend Money

I got a package today from my friends at Steve Jackson Games, where you can find all the official Schlock Mercenary merchandise. There are two new posters available for your interior decorating pleasure. This first one is perfect for decorating your cubicle, office, or other personal space. It's more expensive than urinating in the corner, but it'll get the message across, and without quite so many raised eyebrows. This one is great for the kitchen, break-room, or wherever else beverages of questionable lineage might be served. You probably won't get as many funny looks from your friends and co-workers, but you can giggle every time you look at that dragon udder. Because, you know... the dragon has no pants on. Finally, Sandra just put up another artwork auction. This is a real antique, dating back to 2001. Fittingly enough, it's called "Medieval Schlock," alluding not only to the setting, but to the fact that I'd only been cartooning for about a year and a half when I extruded this particular piece of schlock.