New Auction: Elf's New Dress

Click on Elf to see the auctionThere's a new auction up, and I think you'll like it. You see, a few weeks ago I got a couple of new cartooning books, and one of them shows me how to better draw "wrinkles and drapes." I knew I'd need it, because Elf was going shopping, and was going to buy something that was NOT skin-tight. Well, with the book in hand, I sat down and created a concept-piece, complete with colors. I then used that piece to help me get the line-art right in last Sunday's strip.

Click on the picture to see the auction.

I'm sure some of you are wondering, as you look at Elf's new dress, whether I think this is "fashionable" or "attractive." Am I making some kind of a statement with this dress?

The answer is simple. My own fashion sense (or lack thereof) is irrelevant here. I'm sure that at some point in future history, draped, clasped, tunic-like clothing will be "in" for women. I don't have to like it, and neither do you. The fact of the matter is that Elf liked it, and paid good money for it.

I would caution you to NOT comment on the dress one way or another within earshot of the fiesty Lieutenant Foxworthy. I can't promise where your tie-tack will or will not end up.