New Auctions -- Post from Sandra Tayler

I was clearing out our storage area, trying to make the job of shipping Schlock Merchandise run more smoothly, and I found a hidden treasure. There was a stack of numbered sketch editions of The Blackness Between. I had held them against damaged or missing packages and then they got forgotten. It seems a shame to let these books gather dust when I know there are Schlock fans who would love to have them, so we're offering them for auction. There are 9 books with sketches of Breya and 15 books with sketches of Ennesby. The starting price on all the books is $25. If the price of the sketched books goes too high, you can always go to our store to buy a book. The books in our store will not be sketched, but they all have a shiny autograph on the cover. We also have a t-shirt and a poster.