New Sponsor!

I like to be able to plug the things that my BlogAds sponsors are advertising. If it's a blog, I'll read it. If it's merchandise, I'll sample it. Sadly, the latest sponsor is offering a service I can't try out for you -- worldwide satellite internet access. I know there are world travellers among my readers. Have a look over there in the left column, check out "Satellite Internet." These folks may just have what you've been looking for (especially if you've been "looking" via Google over a 28.8 dial-up line somewhere in western Africa). There's this snippet of dialog in the "Objects in Space" episode of Firefly, in which Wash says "that sounds like science fiction." Zoe responds "You live on a spaceship, dear." Well... look around you, folks. We've got robots on Mars, and internet access via satellite. I can say "that sounds like science fiction," and my wife can say "you make your living providing content via a global network of computers, dear." So... Satellite Internet. Check it out.