News from the New Trench

First, Happy Father's Day!

And now, news:

Things are kind of weird today here at Chez Tayler. Sandra and the kids are at a family reunion, but because of convention travel, flu, and "these comics don't draw themselves" I'm here at home taking care of three houseplants, the dishwasher, and the cat. 

For two weeks. Yeah, schedules. Weird!

Things are also kind of weird lately, not just today. For the last eight years I've done almost all of my penciling and inking at Dragon's Keep in Provo. This year, however, my eyesight has degraded just enough that I needed to completely rebuild my workstation, and that decision coincided with a remodel at DK. For the first time in forever I asked myself whether this problem wouldn't be easier to solve in my home office, and lo, it was. 

So, yeah, I'm home alone, doing all my work from home, and I don't have very many reasons to leave the house. As an introvert who has spent decades honing a few precious extrovert skills, this seems decadent and dangerous. Those hard-won skills are at risk. I may lose the ability to speak altogether. This is a sort of paradise, where the only sounds are the ones I control, except for the ones coming from the cat, and she likes to be outside half the time.

My usual foraging ground is devoid of half-finished plates of food left behind by my children, so I've been subsisting on things I cooked for myself rather than half-servings of whatever they were eating. Or rather, I would be subsisting on things I cooked for myself if my backyard neighbors hadn't been following my Twitter feed. They arrived with saag paneer at the ready, saving me from what would probably have been the last of the frozen pizzas.

I have about two weeks before Westercon. In that space of time I need to make about five weeks of comics.

I hope I don't forget to feed the cat.