NEWWs of the Day: I'll be at NEWW!

I've got three appearances coming up, but the one you need to know about ASAP is NEWW.

The New England Webcomics Weekend is already close to sold-out. If you're a Schlock fan in New England looking to pick up merch without paying shipping, you need to register for NEWW PDQ. I recommend the Super VIP pass because I think $45 is a fair price for the show, and this pass gets you a bag, some goodies, and preferential seating at events. If you're on the cheap, though, the regular 2-day pass is just $10.

NEWW will be held November 6th and 7th of 2010 at Eastworks, 116 Pleasant St, Easthampton, MA. The show is in its second year, and is full of the webcartoonists you've been anxious to meet. Better still, they're all anxious to meet you. We webtoonists know that connecting with our audiences is one of the keys to survival, so a few of my particularly savvy peers put this together to expedite survival-friendly activities.

I'll be there with munitions canisters, copies of all six Schlock Mercenary books, a boxed-set+RMS convention-special bundle, XDM books and adventure modules, magnets, shirts, stickers, sketch cards, coloring books, and more. Already own Schlock books? Come let me sketch in them. Got sketch editions already? Well... maybe I'll add COLOR to them... Stranger things have happened.

Other impending appearances? Well... This Saturday I'll be at Dragon's Keep in Provo with Tracy Hickman. You local folk see me at DK all the time, but this is Tracy Hickman's first appearance there. We'll both be there from noon until 4:00pm, and I have it on good authority that Tracy will be running a mini-Killer-Breakfast starting at around 2:00pm. You really don't want to miss this.

Also, I've been invited back as a keynote speaker at the UTOSC. That's coming up in October.