Next Stop, Toronto

Ad Astra, Toronto's premiere science fiction and fantasy convention, is less than a week away. I don't leave until Thursday, but it feels like tomorrow. Between now and then I need to script, pencil, and ink at least one, and preferably TWO weeks of comics. 

I don't think you're getting any movie reviews from me this week. I wanted to see Source Code. I did not want to see Hop. I'm sure you can find folks who will warn you or encourage you appropriately. There might even be a few other movies out there worth seeing. I have no way of knowing this, because I'm busy blunting my nose to the bone against this grindstone. 

By the way, a handsome print of this picture (line art by me, colors by Toronto's own inimitable Jim Zub) will be raffled off at the event, as will the 14"x17" black-and-white original. I don't know all the details. I'll blog my event schedule when we're closer to the actual event.