Nightlife in the Iron Kingdoms

While you guys are finishing up the bidding on the "Jevee's Bloody Past" auction (which closes at 4:20pm Eastern Time), I'll be playing Iron Kingdoms at Dragons Keep. The upcoming game session should be fun. My Fell Caller, Horgash Bloodshout, sacrificed his life for the party and was later reincarnated (in a very expensive Dhunian ceremony... ah, would that we could ALL be so loved by party members). He came back not as a Trollkin but as a Pygmy Troll, and in last week's game session he displayed some rather rogue-ish skills that the rest of the party FINALLY noticed seemed to be a little out-of-character for the old Horgash they knew (the GM kept surreptitiously throwing "sense motive" dice for them, and pulling them aside one by one.) They'd better not complain TOO loudly. Little 'Gasher and his mad trap-disabling skillz (not to mention his ability to spawn trap-baiting whelps in ludicrous numbers) saved the party's bacon several times over. Whatever may have happened between Horgash's final sacrifice and that reincarnation ceremony in the woods, the party benefitted from it. Yeah, I'm a role-playing geek. This Saturday is Worldwide " Play D&D Day," and I'll be back at the Keep throwing down in an asian-themed adventure. Maybe I'll see you there, but please don't ask for a sketch. I'll be playing a monk whose dump-stat is charisma, and we all know how crass and undiplomatic THAT can make a guy.