No Time For Blogging. What's THIS, Then?

The XDM: X-treme Dungeon Mastery project has devoured my schedule. It has not, however, devoured every last scrap of thought I have. I remain a man possessed of wild ideas, flights of fancy, and the desire to publicly comment on stuff from all over. I just don't have the time to actually sit down and articulate those ideas clearly. I feel a little bit like this guy... The Wizard is In A Hurry, by Howard Tayler A haughtier, more self-obsessed artist might pout and complain that the world is somehow being impoverished for the absence of his bloated ramblings on this or that. Me, I think that I'm the one being impoverished, because I don't really know what I think about something until I've seen what I'm able to say about it. I tweet in order to let people know that I'm still alive, but I don't bother putting opinions of any weight in the 140-character format. They come across as indefensible, unsupported statements of fact, and would then get debated in 140-character rebuttals and counter-arguments. Pointless. But I am having deep thoughts on stuff. The state of newspapers and editorial cartooning takes the fore, but lesser matters like the splitting of the final volume of The Wheel of Time into three books also vie for cycles. Religion, politics, home-life, diet, a zillion little business things I've been meaning to blog about, the fact that I split the front of my face open on my son's head... and as I mention these I find I'm just scratching the surface. There's more, much more down deeper. Like the epic fantasy I want to write, and my secret dreams of ruling the world. I've now said too much while saying too little. I'm just not a very good blogger, I guess. Fortunately, blogging is not what you folks pay me to do. On that note, I think I shall get back to work.