November 01, 2001

Well, I hope you enjoyed Halloween. I sure did. Of course, I spent most of the day at work creating a Powerpoint presentation for some analysts I'll be visiting with tomorrow, but I managed to keep a Halloween theme in my work. I was assembling the presentation from bits and pieces of other presentations, and pretended that I was sewing it together using stolen parts from the corpses of dead criminals.

Today I get to GIVE that presentation. I'm hoping that Frankenpoint doesn't go all rampage-y on the analysts. It'll probably cost me my job, especially if they end up taking torches to my creation after storming the castle.

Whoa... that metaphor got out of hand, now didn't it?

There were two auctions up at the KeenSpot Auction Block. They did pretty well. Congratulations go out to "Simon Jester" and "Shodad Venturi," who have taken me about $80 closer to a cool set of high-quality color markers. That's actually close enough that my wife MAY just let me go get them now (oh please oh please oh please oh), but just in case it's not I'm putting up another item.

Behold the fearsome majesty of "Grim Schlock," armed (ha ha) with the foreclaw of a slain diamond beetle. Sure, it's a little late for Halloween, but it's here in plenty of time for CHRISTMAS, which is what I'm sure you're all shopping for. I can't think of a better gift (hee-hee... for ME).You can find the auction right here with the rest of the KeenSpot Auctions. Come'n'get it. Daddy needs a new pair of shoes set of pens.