November 05, 2001

Every so often a news headline reaches out and grabs you. If you happen to be Jennet, who was whining about how she never knows what's going on in Schlock-land until someone tells her on IRC, maybe the link for today's news post grabbed you.

If not, well, there's not much more I can do.

Speaking of news, Schlock Mercenary made the news. A very attractive, witty, and easily flattered writer for the Augsburg Echo (a college paper) interviewed me electronically (think "IRC" -- don't think "jumper cables, metal chairs, and warm water") for a feature piece on web comics. I'm quite pleased with how it turned out. Here's the link. I love the headline: "Ominous Hummmmmm: The sound of an emerging medium."

Sticking with the news theme, this next little tidbit has nothing to do with anthrax, airplanes, or Afghanistan. It has everything to do with fresh Fan Art here at Schlock Mercenary. I've got a couple of gag pieces (that means embedded jokes, not embedded chicken bones), a nice ray-traced beetle-head, and a spiffy hot-plasma banner, all provided to me free-of-charge by adoring fans appreciative readers. Bit-broker that I am, I've passed the savings along to you. Have a look (the new stuff is the top row on the Fan Art page).

Finally, the Grim Schlock auction is closing on Wednesday. I only bring it up because someone complained that they didn't get a chance to bid on one of the other Schlaucktions. This announcement is pure public service. I mean, I'm just mentioning it. I'm not trying to drive the price higher, or anything silly like that. Stop scowling at me.