November 07, 2002

So, the Republicans are running the republic now. "History in the making," I've heard from some sources. "They'll have nobody to blame for their messes" I've heard from others.

Frankly, history gets made every day by people like you and I without the help of political parties. As for blame, I'm sure the Republicans can find someone to blame for the next two years of inevitable messes, but it's not like it'll really be their fault. I mean, all they do is pass laws and argue about things (and accept donations). You and I actually LIVE this stuff, and if we 'common' people can't make a mess without the help of politicians, then I don't know what this 'liberty' I live in the land of is really good for.

On a happier note, not one of the platforms held by losing candidates mentioned support for Schlock Mercenary. That's right, 100% of the losers in this year's elections neglected to plug your favorite webcomic. I'd like to thank the American People for this gesture of support.