November 12, 2000

We got our first real snow of the year here, and I gotta tell you, I love it. I feel bad for some of the neighbors though. The snow showed up before their globe willow had shed its leaves, and so it caught too much of the light, white, fluffy stuff and basically collapsed. It was a beautiful tree, once. Now it's mostly firewood. Oh well. I'd feel worse if I could actually see it from my house. Out of sight, out of mind.

The other thing that I love about winter is candles. My wife broke out the Hobble Creek Candles, and we've been stinking up the house for a few days. Call me a girly-man, but I kinda like it. If you're into trendy, smelly stuff, go check 'em out. The business belongs to a friend of mine, and if you tell him who sent you, maybe he'll give me a discount (it's all about me, baby.)