November 16, 2001

News... first and foremost, watch the skies. This weekend is the annual Leonid meteor shower, and depending on where in the world you are on the 18th, it could be a really good show. Click the link for more information, straight from the NASA Science News.

Secondly, I survived the latest round of layoffs at Novell. In my area, the cuts were not especially deep, but depth notwithstanding I have co-workers who are today looking for work elsewhere. My heart goes out to them. This is a rough time to be looking for work in any sector, and I honestly hope they can quickly find something better than what they've been forced to leave behind.

Thirdly, I'm offering free artwork in exchange for newspaper exposure. If you edit or write for a college newspaper (or a 'real' newspaper, for that matter) and can get an article featuring Schlock Mercenary and its URL in print in your publication, I'll draw and color your favorite Schlock Mercenary character for you. Just one little news article--that's all I ask. I'll even provide grey-scaled high-res files, if necessary. This is a prize that is worth several entire dollars in value, and as such should qualify as bribery, which fits right in under the whole 'mercenary' theme I've had going for the last 18 months. If you're interested, you know where to find me.