November 22, 2000

entry, November 22nd, 2000: We've got family in town for Thanksgiving. This means camaraderie, joy, fun kitchen smells, and visits from the insurance claims adjuster. Apparently the flow control on one of our toilets gave out at the wrong time (tired of taking crap from us, perhaps) and the bowl overflowed... down the hall, into three bedrooms, through the floor, through a ceiling... I could go on, but I won't. As I type this I'm struggling to hear myself think over the roar of the fans the cleaners brought in to dry out the carpet.

I learned a new technical term. "Black water." Thank heavens we didn't have any of THAT in our carpets, or the fun kitchen smells would be crimped a bit.

This Thanksgiving I'm putting "State Farm Insurance" towards the top of my what-I'm-thankful-for list. I doubt my insurance agent has enough of a sense of humor to be caught reading comics online, but in case he does, "Thanks Harold!"