November 25, 2000

Okay, I admit it. I surf through the server logs from time to time and check out the folks who are linking to Schlock Mercenary. A lot of you have put links to Schlock on your home pages, which identifies you as intelligent people. Not because of the content, mind you, but because you are smart enough to post your bookmarks where you can get at them from anywhere in the world. I do the same thing.

Today, though, I saw over 500 referrals from the following URL: Don't bother clicking on it unless you are behind an FBI firewall somewhere. DNS won't resolve the name, but paranoid conspiracy-theorist-UFO-buffs sure can. I see "roswell," "disinform press," "march 23 1959," and the eerie string "black909." Okay, it's probably more likely that this URL is the work of some clever h4cker with a humorously spoofed return address. I mean, if there WAS a black-op unit in the FBI somewhere, and they were covering up alien activity, why on EARTH would they post a link to Schlock Mercenary? (insert X-files theme music here)