November 25, 2002

In Saturday's entry I suggested that perhaps GIANT SPIDERS were a formula for success in the 2002 movie market. Not a few of you worried me with your e-pistles about the possibility that Shelob could be moved to the THIRD Lord of the Rings movie. Even more of you emailed me to tell me that obviously I missed Wild, Wild West.

Well, the jury is still out on Shelob (unless Sir Peter Jackson or someone similarly authoritative wants to set the record straight with me [just send me a preview tape, if it's easier, ha ha]) but I can state with absolute confidence that Wild, Wild West, which I enjoyed at least as much as I enjoyed Eight-Legged Freaks, was not released in 2002.

I'd also like to say that I was dead-wrong about MGM not being campy with Brosnan's Bond. The opening was okay -- gritty violence, and a strong tie to the rest of the (I'm going to use a word foreign to many Hollywood screenwriters now) "plot," but it was campy as all get-out.


The invisible car, for instance. Or the ice castle, made out of real ice (ooh... I know! Let's establish some tension by MELTING IT with someone STILL INSIDE!). Oh, and the ultra-modern get-your-new-identities-here, 'gene-therapy' clinic in Cuba.


Still, I had fun.

Oh... back to the spiders for a moment. I'm not sure whether this is supporting evidence for my theory or not, but there were bug-legged robots and a giant bug in Attack of the Clones (which I watched last night on the DVD I'm giving my children for Christmas). If I can stretch my definition of 'giant spider' to include Spiderman, I ought to be able to get those in, too.

And now, in the interest of linking you to something fun, there is fresh Fan Art up. Go clicky. And for those of you who have sent me some fan art and not seen it posted, you'd better send it again. I've obviously lost track of it, because I can't recall deciding NOT to post anything, but I very clearly remember being lazy. Send it now, while the mood is upon me.