November 28, 2000

I redesigned the site a bit, and got rid of the ugly brown box. I used to think it looked nice and schlocky, but today I decided it just looked like crap, so I flushed it. During my redesign I realized that there is only one Schlock review in my link list. If any of you know of Schlock reviews, let me know about them, and I'll link to 'em. I'll even link to negative reviews (I'm that desperate for attention.)

I just finished surfing the archives over at Cool Cat Studio and I must say, I was pleasantly surprised. I was expecting generic artsy office-humor, and got off-the-wall, sexy, french humor instead. I'm not french, so I'm sure I missed a few jokes (even though they were in english), but I got wrapped up in the plot just as soon as I realized that there were going to be romantic threads that actually reached conclusions (I almost said "climax" just now... *slap*) instead of just being forever unfulfilling, like Torg & Zoë, or Mulder and Scully.

And now, I'd better go upstairs and draw. I'm only 26 days ahead on strips, and I need a big buffer. 'Cause bigger is better.