Now or Never

Here are two web-comicky things that I'm sure you want to pick up eventually, but which you can't acquire in that manner. The first is the extremely limited edition Monica Macquette from Paul Taylor and Patch Together. Here's the final version of the sculpt, pre-painted: Monica Villarreal macquette from Paul Taylor and Patch Together They've hit the minimum in order to start the run, but they're not going to be carrying inventory. If you want one of these, you need to open your wallet now. Do you need to see the full set of rotation pix for the sculpt? Done. The second is the first-ever sketched bookplate from Phil Foglio, which is what you get if you order the Girl Genius Book 8 Sketched Edition , also available in gorgeous hardback. Girl Genius Volume 8 Limited Bookplate edition If this looks just a little bit like what you've seen me do it's no coincidence. I talked Phil into it, gave him piles of sage advice, then stood back and shook my head as he handled sketch editions completely differently than I do. I mean, he's using PENCIL, and he's letting you pick almost ANYTHING YOU WANT. Phil, if you're reading this I just want you to know that I see you over there raising the bar and ruining things for all of us. You'll be getting a call from the Webcartoonists 601st, sir. So. Monica Macquette, and Girl Genius Sketch Editions. There will be enough for everybody who buys now, but after that they're all gone.