Now You See Me

I needed a movie break while I was at the Out of Excuses Workshop and Retreat, and Sandra told me that she'd enjoyed Now You See Me quite a bit. It is quite rare for this to happen -- for Sandra to tell me what's worth seeing. She doesn't see many movies, and I'm almost always the first one with the chance to duck out. In this case it happened because I'm a bit phobic about drowning, and I needed to know whether the water-tank trick in the trailers was early in the movie or late in the movie before I committed to the seat.

It's early in the movie. No problem. 

Anyway, I saw the film last week and liked it quite a bit. I would have liked it more if the tricks were physically possible or psychologically likely, but they all came close. Hiding the back of a box with a mirror? No problem. Hiding the back of a warehouse room with a mirror, and people are running into the warehouse? Much less likely to work. And don't get me started on flash paper. One piece may disappear "without a trace," but a pallet full of the stuff is going to make slag out of whatever's around it and leave a horrific mess.

The overall caper was pretty cool, but there were aspects of the final resolution that I found kind of unfulfilling. That said, I wasn't in the mood to complain. I was in the mood to have fun, and fun was most certainly had. Now You See Me comes in at number 8 for me this year.