Nuke Tom Smith

Nuke Tom Smith. Nuke him with MONEY. Songwriter and performer Tom Smith was injured on stage in late spring. His livelihood depends on him traveling to conventions and performing, but now he is trapped in a wheelchair undergoing physical therapy. He'll be fine, but he is missing the 2008 convention season entirely, and is racking up medical expenses instead of income. If you've been paying attention to sites other than mine, you've probably seen plugs for the Mr. Smith Goes To The Hospital fund-raiser from notables and luminaries like Randy Milholland, Phil and Kaja Foglio, Rob Balder, everybody at the FuMP, and Steve Jackson. The plugging, pleading, and exhortation has been drawn out across the summer in order to maximize the benefit to Tom, and it has fallen to me to go last. I am, to quote Rob Balder, "the last nuke in the silo." And that means YOU are my warhead. I'm just the delivery vehicle, expelling hot gas from one end in order to deliver you to the target. You are the collection of refined emitters which, when grouped properly, attain that miraculously powerful state called "critical mass." Unlike a plutonium pile, however, you will be rewarded with more than just a warm feeling for depositing your surplus energy on the target. You'll get access to more than 40 covers of Tom's songs by some of the best and funniest musicians he knows. Plus you won't be annihilated. Enough metaphor. Tom Smith needs you to donate some money, and I'm asking you politely to help him out. I like Tom a lot. He has given me smiles when I really needed them, grinning at me like a fool and hugging me within an inch of my life. His music makes me laugh, cry, and cheer exultantly in turn, and I want to make him as happy as he's made me. Here is the page with the donation button on it. Follow it, and send what you can. As an incentive, here is some free music: it's called "Rocket Ride" by Tom Smith, and it's being covered by the talented Steve MacDonald. Listen. Enjoy. Donate.