October 02, 2002

Ahh, October. Here in Utah I think it's probably the prettiest month of the year. For the last week we've had mucking great swaths of fall color marching across the 2000-meter foothills -- bright greens, rich reds, sunny yellows, olives (pitted), and that black-green unique to the conifers that cling to peaks. Then October rolled in with some stormclouds in tow, and the high mountaintops got snowed on, and were alternately obscured and revealed by swirling mists. Gorgeous, I tell you.

Walking into the office yesterday morning, admiring the scenery, I passed a co-worker whose only pertinent comment was "jeez, this rain is cold." I suppose I could have poked him and said "dude, look around at how pretty it is," but then some of the beauty would have been soaked up by HIM, leaving less for ME, and I just can't allow that.

As long as I'm boasting about how much I like where I live just now, I might as well boast about some numbers. In September, Schlock Mercenary hit all-time high web log numbers, with over 1.1 million page-views for the month, and an average of 7,000 visitors each day. Of course, I'm not boasting for ME here -- I'm plugging the word-of-mouth work you die-hard Schlockers must be doing. Thanks for bringing your friends in. If this were a pyramid scheme, I'd be getting richer and richer, and the rest of you would get more and more nothing.

(It's WORSE than a pyramid scheme. I'm NOT rich, and all you get is more of the same webcomic.)

Anyway, thanks for reading. Schlocktoberfest began yesterday, and it's going to be quite a ride.