October 04, 2005

Rest, Recovery, and Revoluticon
entry, October 4th, 2005

I'm back from Linucon 2.0, but the report isn't up yet. I'm exhausted. I didn't short myself on all that much sleep, but I worked hard the whole time, and need a day or two to recover.

Sadly, I can only afford to take one day, and even then it's a stretch. And I took that day on Monday, seeing Serenity again with Sandra.

Speaking of Serenity, I'm putting a stake in the ground right here. I believe that Serenity is the best space-ship sci-fi movie of the last 10 years. If you've seen it, and have an opinion on the matter, take it to the Nightstar forum, Keenspot Forum, or the Schlocktroops LJ Community.

And now, on to Revoluticon! If you live in the Asheville, NC area, get down to the Armory and represent. I'm having a hard time thinking of a better place for me to meet up with Schlockers than at a gaming convention held in an armory. It's perfect, I tell you.

I'll be bringing original artwork to sell, and most pieces will be priced between $15 and $30. There'll be Schlocks and Tagons and lots of random other stuff, all suitable for framing, and all ORIGINAL. No prints. No limited-edition runs. ORIGINAL. And no, I don't mind if I start seeing stuff I sell to you being sold on eBay later. You can also sell the pencil sketches I'm whipping out for free, but if THOSE start going for hundreds of dollars I'll get grumpy and begin charging a buck or two, see if I don't.

The only hard-and-fast item on my schedule is the "Meet Howard Tayler" panel from 7:00pm to 9:00pm on Saturday. Yes, I CAN entertain and educate a crowd for two hours without resorting to calling in the dancing girls. Ask anybody who has seen me do it. Ask the dancing girls who got paid to wait backstage just in case, back in the early days. I've got anecdotes growing on my anecdotes these days. Being a cartoonist is hilarious work.

Obviously, there's more than just ME at Revoluticon. You can learn how to paint miniatures, how to make chainmail, how to create fictional worlds, how to write fiction well (hey, John... can you get me onto either of those panels?) and how to play any number of RPGs, CCGs, or whatever.

Note: "RPG" is short for "Role-Playing Game." Not "Rocket Propelled Grenade." I know, we'll be in an armory, but I doubt that stuff will be out for playing with.

There's also an art contest (which I may enter, but only if I can find time to draw my piece there, and only if I can't win), a charity art auction, a costume contest and masquerade ball, and a dealers' room full of heaven knows what. That might be where the rocket-propelled grenades got off to.

So... if you're in the area, be there. Pre-registration has closed, but you can buy tickets at the door for $10 bucks.