October 10, 2004

Home from Linucon

I'm home from Linucon, and I've got enormous amounts of work to do.

This is a good thing. A REALLY good thing. See, in the last five days I've generated leads on enough income to take me through March, I've made progress on both the Schlock Deadtree and Schlock CD projects with my fine partners over at Steve Jackson Games, and I've actually made a little money selling artwork.

I need to write a con report. Last time I said this, post-Fandemonium, I never wrote a report, but Sandra wrote HERS, and I figured that was good enough. This time I need to do better. That said, this isn't the place for it.

I will report one thing right now, though. On the flight home from Austin I realized that as of that moment I really, really FELT like a full-time cartoonist. And I realized that had I waited any longer to leave Novell, the work that I'm currently lining up would have dried up or gone to someone else. The business meetings I joined in Linucon would have been missed or deprioritized. The opportune moment to leave was pretty much right when I left. Any later, and boats would have been missed. Any sooner and budgets would have been stretched too tightly.

I'll talk more about selling originals in another entry -- hopefully in just a couple of days.