October 17, 2004

Schlocktoberfest Warning!

As Book III was drawing to a close I mentioned that Book IV was going to be darker than usual. The story I want to tell is a really, really good one (at least that's what the Voices In My Head keep telling me), but the only way to tell it properly is darkly.

We're going to begin some of the worst of that darkness, oh, NOW.

I'm not going to say much in the entry or on the forums about the plot. This will be better if you are allowed to experience it as it unfolds. Of course, when I say that I mean that it will be better for me, because I get hours of joy reading the speculation, consternation, and outright indignation at the atrocities I commit in this comic.

Some of you are going to get angry with me. I can live with that. I'd be doing this wrong if everyone was happy.

Please hang in there. I've wanted to tell this story for about three years now, and I think I finally have the chops to pull it off.