October 18, 2002

I'm back at home now, and as is typical immediately following these road-trips for Novell, I'm five pounds heavier than I was when I left, I'm short on sleep, and whatever discipline I had for knocking out strips has fallen by the wayside.

Gimme a day or two and I'll get the strip discipline back. A full weekend will take care of the sleep shortage. Two weeks, and the weight will be off. And THIS is why I make it a point to travel as little as possible -- recovery demands long intervals between trips.

I didn't say anything at the time, but my trip to the Keenspot comic book store was a lot of fun. Some fans stopped by and got free sketches, and we swapped anecdotes amicably. The worst part about the whole experience was discovering that driving from Temple City to Hollywood at seven on a Saturday night is an exercise in stop-and-go.

Apparently, driving ANYWHERE in the Greater Los Angeles area is an exercise in stop-and-go.

That's all the news, I suppose. It's time for me to get my game back on.