October 18, 2005

That Eisner Exhibit
entry, October 18th, 2005

The Woodbury Gallery mini-convention this last weekend was a blast. There were several hundred people there, and the convention floor was a museum exhibit: The Art of Comics. It was centered around the work of Wil Eisner, and was a real delight to look at. Best of all, the newspaper write-up quotes me extensively. You'd think I had an opinion or something.

I have to say that there's something very CLASSY about having a convention amid displays of the great comic book and comic strip art of the last 75 years. And across the hall from the museum, we had several dealers set up. I did not spend any money on the large piles of discounted collectible toys, action figures, and the like. I resisted the urge to buy Stikfas. I was not tempted in the least by the "Happy Days" figurines. The "these-look-like-they-might-be-Lego-compatible" figures barely got a second glance. The three-issue set of Serenity comics ensorcelled me, however, and I'm now $9.00 poorer.

The convention is over, and the dealers have gone home, but the museum exhibit is still there. If you live in Utah, make a point of getting up to the University Mall in Orem sometime BEFORE December 16th, when the exhibit ends. The Woodbury Gallery is on the south side of the mall, with an outside entrance between The Gap and Nordstrom's. The exhibit is free, but is only open Tuesday through Saturday.

In other news, I've got to get some work done. Three weekends of conventioneering is a bit of a drain.