October 19, 2004

Oh, look! Toast!

Toast is a magical food for me.

I walk into the kitchen thinking "hmmm... I'm hungry." A quick scan of instant comestibles reveals little -- our budgets are a little tighter than they used to be. Then I see the loaf of bread. Toast is a favorite of mine, so I drop a slice of bread into the toaster, depress the plunger, and turn back toward the rest of the kitchen.

At this point my expectations are heightened. My stomach KNOWS that my brain has made a meal decision, and anticipatorially begins doing those stomachy things it does to get ready for food -- even if that food is just going to be a snack. Meanwhile, my brain gets those stomachy signals and thinks "hmm... somebody thinks it's mealtime. We need REAL food."

So I begin digging through cupboards again. Fast-food options are few and far between, and the pressing signals from my belly only serve to increase the sense of urgency. I root around, search, scour, and then see the loaf of bread. At this point I've forgotten about putting the toast in, so I head over to the bread loaf, and right about the time I'm picking it up, POP! It's TOAST!

"Oh, look! TOAST!"

It's magical.

The frightening thing is that this happens almost DAILY to me. Even knowing I do it, it still happens. Just this evening I depressed the plunger, scraped a plate of leftover pork-and-beans into my cake-hole, and as I was thinking "gee... this needs a second course. Something light, like maybe--" POP!

"Oh, look! TOAST!" Right there when I need it.

I expect toast will only become more magical as I grow older and this attention-deficit absent-mindedness morphs into full-blown senility. Then again, I may end up starving to death standing next to the magical toaster because I've forgotten that bread and depress-the-plunger are required spell components.

Note: If you'd like to comment on toast, this was cross-toasted (boo!) to my Live Journal.