October 20, 2001

It's getting to be that time of year, and for the third year in a row, Fright Night is up and running for webtoonists.

I wanted to participate last year, but I was still figuring out how to DRAW my comic, and so I didn't join in. I regret it. This year I wanted to do a joint project, but I was still figuring out how to find TIME to draw my comic, so I got left out again. It's my own fault.

I suppose the point is that if you're enjoying Schlocktoberfest, you need to go check out frightnight.org, where there are two seasons of Hallowe'en collaborations online now, and another season about to debut. I have it on good authority that they'll be linking to Schlocktoberfest in spite of my inability to co-operate with anyone on a jointly freaky offering, bless their wicked, little, orange-and-black hearts of doom. So go check it out.

Yes, I'll remind you again in time for the airing of the Fright Night 2001 strips. But go now and get caught up. Get in the spirit of things.

Speaking of which, a good friend of mine from the UK is currently living and working here in the US, and I'm helping him get into the spirit of things. I have it on good authority that while they do have Christmas in England, they don't do much Hallowe'en, and for some reason they miss Independence Day altogether. With July 4th some 250-odd days away (258 as of this writing, if you're counting) I figured Hallowe'en would be the best place to start. It's a great holiday--very similar to Christmas. On Christmas you get to be the person you wish you could be all year round, and the next day you feel this let-down as you realize you can only pull it off one day a year. On Hallowe'en you get to be the person you are very glad to not be at any time of the year, and the next day you wake up feeling very relieved.

At any rate, he and his wife are accompanying Sandra and I to the Rocky Point Haunted House up in Salt Lake City this weekend. I'll report on it sometime Monday, unless there are injuries, in which case I'll post pictures.