October 22, 2001

As promised, a report on the Rocky Point Haunted House:

It was very cool. There wasn't anything there I hadn't seen before, but I was there last year. The 3d-glasses maze was there, the guy with the chainsaw was there, the giant Tesla coil was there, and we all had a great time. No, the only thing that was really different was that it was $13, and they had a $16 "fast-pay" line where you could shave 45 minutes off of your wait to get in, if you were willing to pay. That was pretty frightening. I mean, what do they do if EVERYBODY is in a hurry, raise the fast-pay price again?

In Schlock-related news, the artwork this week represents a rather obvious departure from my usual form. I hope you enjoy it. It was done with Prismacolor warm grey markers, and then scanned in and left uncolored (well, except for Monday's strip, in which the Narrator insisted he get his usual pale-orange box. He's one wordy prima-donna, let me tell you.)

Oh, and I've updated the Fan Art section. I got new stuff from folks with some strange handles: BurntDog, Alica_the_evil_Medic, and Pyro the Fire Devil. I also got something from Jim Zubkavich (under other circumstances, I would now make a joke about how although truth may or may not be stranger than fiction, it's at least got fiction beat in terms of pronunciation difficulty, but Jim's a fellow web-toonist, and a good one at that, so I'll lay off the Eastern European digs.)