October 25, 2001

New and old readers alike may have seen the coo-coo-coolio Schlock Mercenary animated newsbox that ran today, October 25th. That newsbox was taken from the image below.

Well, in the spirit of making a fast buck, and maybe being able to pay for some color markers (covet, covet, covet goes the Howard in the art-supply store) without begging my dear, beloved, penny-pinching, hard-as-nails wife-cum-accountant for permission to pinch a week's worth of grocery money ('MILK for the BABY!'), I've put the original piece up for grabs.

You just have to be willing to spend more than anyone else who wants to grab it. It's right here, on the Keenspot Auction Block.So, you want to own some hand-made Schlock, do you? Come and claim it.

For those of you pondering the prudence of posting with Keenspot Auctions, as opposed to something hugely standardized like eBay, have a look at the advantages here:

  1. You know the seller by reputation already. I'm a public figure now... practically a household name.
  2. All the money you spend goes to benefit your favorite web-comic artists (in this case, me. Right? ... RIGHT!?)
  3. The only person taking a risk on not knowing the reputation of the other parties in the auction is ME. Not you. ME. And I have a team of heavily-armed space mercenaries who think that collections work would be just dandy.
Seriously, check out the KeenSpot auctions, and bear in mind that I will be posting more original artwork up on the block in weeks and months to come.