October 31, 2001

Happy Halloween! As I type this I have one cat-eye contact lens in (left eye), and sharpie-marker tattoos all over my face, hands, and feet. I'm in costume for a little Halloween gathering over at the church where they'll be cake-walking the kids, bobbing for apples, and performing some unholy sacrifice or another. I'll have to go check the flyer to be sure.

My son is SUPER pleased with his costume. He's four years old, and as blond-haired-blue-eyed-cute as they come. And my wife made a "Link" costume for him, straight out of the N64 Zelda games. He's even got a white shield with those blue and red emblems on it.

He does not have any masks that turn him into odd creatures, nor does he have an Ocarina of Time. You can be sure that if I knew where to get either of those items, I'd keep them for myself. I could use the Ocarina right about now. Things are busy at work, and I could use the ability to jump forward and backward in time.

I've gotten some more fan art, but haven't posted it yet because I haven't had time yet (see above, under "Ocarina"). I'll get to it this week.

In other news, I hope you like the strip-full-o'heads. We'll be wrapping this storyline up in usual Schlock Mercenary fashion with a nice epilogue and a romp through consequential damages that might last for months. In short, plenty of loose ends and character development. The voices in my head refuse to live happily ever after. They just keep bickering. Most folks with this kind of inner conflict end up going postal, but not me... me, I write it all down and turn it into comic strips.

I hope that last thought is scary enough to carry you through this spooky holiday with shivers to spare until my next entry.