October 31, 2004

You'll have to forgive me... no, wait... you won't.

I'm sure that for the next several days (at least!) the Schlock forums and LJ community will be the happy homes of countless "Fie on you, Howard!" posts. That's fair. I liked Tagon, too, and as I've been scripting and drawing the strips that follow Schlocktoberfest, I keenly feel his loss.

That sounds really corny.

Anyway, I'm sure there will be all kinds of questions asked like "why did you do this?" or "why didn't Tagon do that?" or "what about maybe if Petey has a teraport buffer in that cage thingy?" I'm sure you'll understand when I refuse to directly answer ANY of those questions. October 31st marks the end of Schlocktoberfest, but it's NOT the end of our story, which you need to experience as it unfolds. Anything further I say would be akin to spilling beans, letting cats out of bags, or loose-lipped ship-sinking.

So you'll have to forgive my silence. Feel free to talk among yourselves. I may weigh in from time to time to moderate, or maybe to mock your pain, but I'm not giving anything away.

(By the way, "Happy Hallowe'en!")

While we're on the subject of "not giving anything away," I'm adding a new desktop, so that there's now a pair of them for donors...

Paypal me $2.00, and I'll send you links to all four resolutions of the above desktop background, as well as those for the image below.

Please don't feel like you have to blow a year's worth of pent-up donation guilt all in one shot. Just a week from now we will be seeing a new Schlock Mercenary T-Shirt from Warehouse23.