Oh, Hey, We Broke 3,000

In lieu of me griping about my XDM workload, here's some site news: this morning I noticed that we broke 3,000 readers on the Schlock Mercenary RSS feed. Schlock Loves RSSI think we actually broke 3,000 a few days ago. I know it's been hovering around 2950 for a while now. There's also an RSS feed for Blógünder Schlock, but it's less popular. For those of you not in the know, RSS lets you read Schlock Mercenary updates in Google Reader, via email, or in pretty much any RSS aggregator. I don't make ad revenue from those of you reading via RSS, but that's okay. I'm sure you're spreading the comic around, and that's the important thing. If you really want to help me reach my dreams of taking over the world (or perhaps my dreams of  putting my children through school) then share Schlock Mercenary with your friends. The Schlock RSS feed is just one more way to do that. Laugh loud, laugh often, and laugh at work. It frightens your co-workers, and that will give you power over them... If you need help using RSS, or figuring out where to get started with this trawl-changing technology, just head into the comments and ask questions. I'm sure someone there will be happy to help.