Oh, The Irony (Sleeping Machines, redux)

The nice people who drive the crane home (I need to stop calling it a crane, because I think it is a cherry picker) parked it in its usual spot for a good night's sleep. And they left the "look out, I'm backing up!" light on. It's a flashing yellow warning light. The crane (err... cherry picker) is not really asleep. Or maybe it's sleeping with its head canted funny, and is snoring. Regardless, it's not getting a good night's sleep, because it may wake up with a dead battery or a burnt-out light. It's also keeping me up. Snoring is definitely the right metaphor here. The machine is snoring. And I've already said too much. See, if they find that a small-caliber round has passed through that light-bulb during the night, this blog will certainly have the authorities knocking on my door, wondering whether I was the one who committed... umm... mechapneacide?