Okay, okay... you CAN have it.

You want Rule 37 up on your wall? How does a 16" x 20" print grab you? Rule 37: There is no overkill... Here it is, folks. We're doing pre-orders until next Monday, and then we'll start shipping 'em out. I've got the test print here in front of me, and it is PERFECT. Heavy paper, rich color, and just the right size for a discount store stock 16"x20" picture frame (for those of you who can't afford custom framing.) Howard holding the Rule 37 Print Put it in your office, your cubicle, or your game room, and remind your visitors that you're not afraid to break out the Big Guns. Buy one for you, and one for a friend! We can easily fit several in a single tube, so the additional shipping expense is negligible. (What we can't do is squeeze a book in there. Sorry!) If you look closely you'll see that the image is unsigned. See, these are "signature" prints. I'll sign each one before sending it out, so in that one regard your print will be a one-of-a-kind item. UPDATE: I've disabled the "International Flat Rate Envelope" option for shipping, but over 60 orders have already come through. If you selected that option, I have bad news -- we're not going to fold your print up to get it into that envelope. Worse, the remaining shipping options are much pricier. Please review your orders, and email Sandra.Tayler@gmail.com with questions. Much as we'd love to be able to just eat the extra shipping on these, the extra shipping cost is about twice our profit margin, so we'd start losing money very quickly on all international orders. By the way, if you're trying to buy books from us today, some vandal disabled the "International Flat Rate Envelope" shipping option system wide. I'll be having words with that punk... (and Sandra will be trying to figure out how to only apply that shipping option to products that fit in the package.)