On my way to WorldCon 2008 in Denver

denvention3.gifThis Wednesday through Sunday, August 6th through 10th, is the 66th annual World Science Fiction Convention, held this year in Denver, Colorado. Sandra and I will both be there at the Colorado Convention Center, along with some of the biggest names in Science Fiction and Fantasy.

I'm not on any panels. I didn't ask to be put on any panels. I figured I'd be too busy in the Dealers' Room selling books and drawing pictures. The good news is that this means I'll be really easy to find, as will the piles of Schlock loot.

We're bringing shirts, posters, books (including Sandra and Angela's Hold On To Your Horses), Tagon pins, a few badge ribbons, and just twenty-one sets of those magnetic warning signs (the manufacturer has had a hard time keeping up, and the magnets were popular at Comic-Con.) We'll also have pre-order forms for Schlock Mercenary: The Teraport Wars (Web pre-orders begin in about two weeks), and you can get an up-close look at a nice print of the cover.

If you're in Denver but not attending the convention, I doubt our paths will cross. My evenings are going to be full of room parties, meetings, scheduled events, and perhaps even some filk, so I'm not able to accept invitations to dine out. I know WorldCon is kind of pricey to attend, but if you want to see me in Denver, attending is likely your only option.

As a special treat for those attending (I know, I'm just rubbing it in now) I did eight single-panel comics for the newsletters they'll be publishing throughout the event. I'm quite pleased with the way they turned out. (Okay, fine. You can see the first one...)