One-hundred and Eighty One

One-eighty-one. That's how many sketch editions have now been completed. The eighty-one I did today will go into the mail on Monday, and I am hoping to be able to whip out another eighty or so Monday afternoon. At that point all sketch editions will be in the mail. Today I switched pen sizes a little bit, working larger and bolder. This saved my hand, since I was able to do more of the work from the shoulder. Of course the train-wreck made flesh that is my hand now extends into the 80-car pile-up made flesh that is my shoulder. My whole right side is telling me that if I don't take tomorrow off I'm going to end up hospitalized with a broken jaw, because my arm will revolt, grab a wrench, and clock me in the face by way of payback. So I'm taking Sunday off, and just to be on the safe side, I'm staying away from the toolbox. The party today was fun. We ate, played games, talked, and basically enjoyed ourselves. The Frag game got very boisterous with the introduction of the "telefrag" house-rule. The Betrayal at the House on the Hill game also got boisterous, but I couldn't tell why over the screams of damned souls ripping their way into the haunted house. There was also Munchkin-Fu and Heroclix, but those went on downstairs where I couldn't tell what all the noise was. Sandra and I are now exhausted. Our goal is to get the rest of your books mailed out before CONduit begins at the end of next week. Some of you will begin recieving your books before then -- we'd love to hear from you. We want to know whether we've made you happy.