Oooh! Rule 37 Framed!

Here we see the Rule 37 Signature Print hanging at Dragon's Keep Comics and Games. Rule 37: There is no overkill... (framed) The frame came from Wal-Mart, and was $8.78, or something like that. It obscures a quarter inch of the print all the way around , which is perfect -- the ugly copyright blurb disappears completely, just like we planned. We've sold over two hundred and eighty of these. I'm... stunned? Wow. Anyway, the first batch of forty-three (not forty-eight -- we found a few misprints) went out today. The rest should hit the mail on Monday, unless we run out of paper (again.) These signature prints have been successful enough (by an order of magnitude) that we plan to do several more during February and March. First, however, I have a t-shirt to print... that design will go live in two weeks, and I think you're going to like it.