Original Strip-Art at Comic-Con

How would you like to own a Schlock Mercenary original strip? (Check your face. If you've begun drooling, wipe your chin, and know that you are a true fan.) Here's the deal. If you are going to be at San Diego Comic-Con, email me sometime before 5pm Monday and tell me which strip from the archives you'd like to own original line-art for. I will pack that strip with me, and you can buy it from me at the booth for just $40.00 (unless it's a Sunday strip, in which case it costs $80.00.) If you are interested in buying an entire "mini-arc" (a week or more), email me for special pricing. I have but three caveats: 1) A few strips are not available, because I've already quietly sold them to collectors or given them to close friends. The first week of strips is also not available -- I have special plans for those. 2) As the owner of original artwork, you will have a non-exclusive copyright. This means that The Tayler Corporation can still publish that artwork however we please, but you can ALSO publish it. If, for instance, you run a museum, you don't need to ask my permission to use the piece in your "Photo Guide to 21st Century Hacks." 3) All originals are provided as-is. They are printed and drawn on 8.5"x14" 20lb 84 brightness "legal" paper, and are a mixture of laser printer (panel borders and dialog), pencil (where there are still bits left), ink (all the artwork) and whiteout (a little bit on almost every page.) If you're buying one, bring something like a legal-sized clipboard ($3.00 at Staples) to keep your purchase flat. If you are NOT going to be at Comic-Con, you're probably wondering if this kind of deal will ever be available on the web. I am wondering that, too. We shall see how this turns out. (If you want, you can also post your request as a response to this thread. If you can't find my email address, I am user "howard.tayler" on Google's fancy-schmancy email service. Take THAT spam-bots!)