Para Ventura Fan Art

So... I've gotten a lot (and I do mean a LOT) of hate-mail regarding Ensign Para Ventura. Fortunately none of you are hating me. You're hating HER. That's fine. A lot of us are hard-wired to resent whiney, prima-donna, child-prodigy types, whether or not they're actually anywhere near the age they appear to be (yes, Ventura appears to be somewhere between 13 and 16 years old. Yes, she's drawn that way on purpose. No, I'm not telling you her real age. Yes, it's more fun for ME that way. No, your own fun quotient was not entered into this particular equation.) Anyway, in the raft of hate-mail I've also gotten a little fan mail, including two pieces of Para Ventura Fan Art. The first came from Thomas Thetford and features a rather more heroically proportioned Ensign Ventura in a 'botyard of sorts (click on the image for a full picture.) ensign_ventura-thetford-tn.jpg The secnd comes from Andy Odendahl, and features Ensign Ventura preparing to modify poor Ennesby. Again, click the picture for the full version. ventura01a-odendahl-tn.jpg Enjoy!