Party at the Keep - TODAY

Last night I finished the 100th sketch-edition of the book. The packages are in the mail now for over 80% of our paying customers. All that remains is about 200 sketches and some bonus stuff for a few APO orders. (Schlockers in the military will be getting what hopefully amounts to "get-out-of-chicken-and-rice-MRE-free" cards.) Today is the party. I'll still be working, but you're welcome to come and watch. Or come play games. Last night we had a great game of Betrayal at House on the Hill, in which Sandra and the rest of the "good guys" managed to splash paint through the unholy symbols just before the cultists under Robby's control summoned some Elder God or another. Here's the address: Dragon's Keep 260 North University Avenue Provo, UT We'll be there with food, friends, and lots of Schlock books from 11am until "whenever things wind down." That's probably 10pm, and may be even later.