Party Today at the Keep!

Today is the Tub of Happiness Launch Party at Dragons Keep in downtown Provo. The store opens at 10am, and festivities will begin around noon. Food and drink is free! We're having DK Pizza delivered all day, and there will be other assorted snacks and goodies on-hand. Sandra will be there too, for those of you wishing to meet the woman behind the timely delivery of your books. I'll have all my pens and markers with me, I've got comic boards for free sketches, and I may have the time to knock out a few commissions. Those who know my current figmentia may seek to bribe a commission out of me with metal from the shelves at the Keep. You can pick up your Tub of Happiness and get it signed and sketched (no charge for that service!), or you can just hang out and play games. I'm bringing my Trollblood army, and we'll likely have several other board games and card games out and available, including my personal favorites: Munchkin, Frag, and Betrayal at House on the Hill. Dragons Keep is located at 260 North University Avenue in Provo, a block north of the construction project, and on the same (east) side of the road. The phone number is 801-373-3482, and there are some sales on if you feel like doing shopping for your favorite tabletop gamer. There's parking in back, but be warned! It's been raining and snowing, so there are some very cold, deep puddles back there.