Some Pictures for the Long Weekend

We're having a long weekend here in the States, but that doesn't mean nothing's going on here at Chez Tayler. Let me tell you the what's up using pictures...

First, I got some delightful fan-art! Krishna M. Sadasivam of PC Weenies fame brings us a charming-yet-promising-violence treatment of Sergeant Schlock. 

Krishna and I are fellow refugees from the world of IT, cartooning professionally after separately making our escapes. You might like PC Weenies (which has been around longer than Schlock Mercenary, I kid you not), so go check it out!

Second, my contributor copies of Skullkickers Issue #12 arrived today!

This little two-dollar-and-ninety-nine-cent book contains my first ever foray into writing for comics where I'm not drawing the pictures. You can pick it up at you friendly, neighborhood comics retailer (which, for the record, is the best way to help support my friend Zub's Skullkickers franchise.) If you're in Utah, I know the folks at Dragon's Keep bought several copies for the shelf, so I'll be there on Wednesday the 30th to sign books and preen for all the cameras.

They also have several copies of Skullkickers Volume 1 and Skullkickers Volume 2, so you can get caught up on my favorite fantasy comic book. As I've said before, of all the comics out there, this is the one I wish I'd written. I love it. (And now I got to help write it! A little bit!)

Finally, our proofs for the Schlock Mercenary 2012 Calendar arrived.

The proofs do not have the hole drilled in them, but there will be a hole (which I carefully arted around) so the calendar may be conveniently hung. If you still want a calendar, it's not too late to order one. We had to up the order size, but we got that done before the printing deadline, so we should have plenty.

Pre-orders close on Monday the 28th, and we're shipping these on Saturday the 3rd.