Penguicon 5.0: Day 1 Addenda - Orvan the Ox

Today is Thursday -- the events I'm journaling are a week in the past. I just got an email from Paul "Vakko" Neubauer with a link to his Penguicon photos, and I am featured prominently. Why? Because Paul's alter-ego, Orvan the Ox, was running around with Jay Maynard making ACME deliveries. On Friday afternoon Orvan caught up with me, and I got a box. Orvan The Ox Delivers Naturally, I was terrified. Fortunately, the package contained a relatively harmless set of four cannisters of brightly-colored "amorph modeling compound" (e.g. "Play-doh.") A little later, packages delivered, Orvan left the building and Paul returned. He was kind enough to babysit my table for a few minutes, sitting behind a sign which you can't read in this photo, but which reads "Not Howard." Paul Neubauer babysits Howard Tayler's Table at Penguicon 5.0 Paul, thank you! Your ACME delivery-ox schtick was one of the most memorable goings-on at Penguicon 5.0. Each gift was very thoughtfully and (better yet) cleverly tailored to the recipient in question, and the delivery confirmation sheet was pleasantly replete with references to other, more fictional deliveries (including something labeled "EXPLOSIVES" destined for Cpl Pontucci.) As of this writing the amorph putty is in the possession of my children. They are quite pleased.