Penguicon in One Week!

Penguicon 5.0Penguicon 5.0 begins in just one week, and I'll be there. The hotel is full, the overflow hotel is almost full, and the over-overflow hotel is five miles away. This thing is going to be packed, and I'm looking forward to it.

I'm not on any panels. I'm not on the programming at all, beyond making some chupaquesos with my friend Jay. I've been told I'll have some table space to sit and draw, so if you want sketches, look for me. Quick pencil sketches are always free, as are quick sharpie sketches in the backs of Schlock books. If you want to commission something more involved, I usually charge between $10 and $50 depending on what you want.

I will also have some mercenary badge-ribbons. Show me your Schlock book (or buy one from me) and you can have a "Tagon's Toughs" ribbon to wear on your badge. I will also have three different styles of "rule" ribbons that will enable you to advertise a particular mercenary philosophy (Rule 12, Rule 34, and Rule 37), but since they are mercenary ribbons they don't come easy. You and I may need to commit some sort commerce before you can wear one of these.

I've been told there will be on-demand T-shirt printing at the event. I'm planning to create a Penguicon-only image for shirt (or other item) transfer. I have no clue what the cost on these will be, but I'm looking into it.

Finally, if you want original strips, I can bring them for you to purchase. Email me and tell me which day or days you want, and I'll tell you if they're available. Generally speaking a daily is $40 and a Sunday is $80. You'll need to bring something that allows you to safely transport legal-sized paper without folding or wrinkling. I've found that two legal pads and some masking tape will work fine for this.

Between now and then I've got a pile of work to do, so I guess I'd better get busy.