Penguicon Is Right Around The Corner

I'll be leaving for Penguicon tomorrow. In the spirit of Open Source, here is the Howard Tayler Calendar, courtesy of Google, so all of you can see where to find me standing in front of a microphone flapping my jaw. Okay, maybe this calendar falls a little short of the true spirit of Open Source because a) you can't edit my events, b) Google Calendar isn't an Open Source project, and c) that's actually not my REAL calendar. It's a copy. In the spirit of open and honest discourse I should rewrite the previous paragraph. But Penguicon is right around the corner and I still haven't packed. Besides, I've got more to write! I'll be sharing table space with David Willis of Shortpacked! and I'll be sharing panel time with Chris Hallbeck of The Book of Biff. Hallbeck also did all the coloring for the penguins you've seen me post. These will be badge art for attendees, panelists, Guests of Honor, and others. I'm led to understand that the Penguicon folks love them SO MUCH they want to be able to reuse them in the future. In the spirit of Open Source... hey, you know what? I got in so much trouble trying to start a paragraph that way earlier I think I should just quit here.