Penguicon: This Weekend!

I'll be at Penguicon this weekend. Per this post, if you show up with a badge, you can pre-order a sketch edition of Schlock Mercenary: Under New Management. You may be wondering where you can find me at Penguicon. My schedule can be extracted from the full list as follows: Friday:
6:00pm - The Schlock Mercenary session. I'll be talking about all things Schlock, fielding those tough questions, and talking about living the dream.
1:00pm - Webcomics: Haves and Have-Nots. I'll join three other panelists ( Rob Balder, The Ferret, and Eric Milliken) in a discussion of the power law in blogging and webcomics, and what it says about art, society, and freedom of choice. 2:00pm - History of Hot Peppers. Eric Raymond, John Guest, and I will talk hot stuff with you. Apparently I'd better get back into training, too. I may be expected to eat some of this stuff. 3:00pm - Hot Sauce Tasting. Indeed, I will be expected to eat some. Eric Raymond, John Guest, Michael Marcus, and I will host the "lab section" of "History of Hot Peppers" in the Con Suite. Brace yourself for an endorphin rush, folks. 6:00pm - Chupaqueso. Jay Maynard and I will demonstrate the process of preparing the Schlockiverse's most famous fast-food. You will demonstrate eating it (after I've had some, assuming I haven't filled up on hot sauce.)
And that's it for panels. Woo hoo! I'm getting off easy! Well... no. When I'm not panelling, I can probably be found wrangling with Steve Jackson's Convention Chaos Machine. This marks the third year the Chaos Machine has been at Penguicon, and my job as "Chaos Wrangler" is to encourage your participation in the convention's most visible Open Source construction project. The convention doesn't yet have a page up telling you where to find the Chaos Machine, but you can see what it looks like by noodling around And before you say word one about the state of the site, be warned that Steve is looking for a webwrangler for it. Complain, and I'll give the [fnord] Illuminati [/fnord] your name and email address, see if I don't. Fnord.